Working with a conflict-prone colleague

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Read the case description and the key question. Watch the below recording of the Q&A session with the case owner.

Think of possible solutions and write your recommendations to the 'share your ideas' field below.

After you have done this you can see what other club members have offered and what solution was reached at the actual Casehub session.

Case description

Lilith is a 53-year old registered nurse working in a health center. She also works in the ICU, making her a very capable and valuable nurse. She has been working at the center for 15 years and always done everything that needs to be done.

Unfortunately colleagues and patients tend to constantly stumble into conflict with her over nonsense reasons. Every minor slip up with words might bring weeks and months of conflict. The team is tired of trying to communicate with her, managers have given up and patients avoid calling when health issues arise due to the fear of catching her on the phone. The health center and the whole country are in dire need of nurses so firing her is not an option.

Key question

How could Lilith be approached to restore peace at work without firing her?

Is there anything else that can be done besides direct communication with Lilith?

Case intro + Q&A

Patrick shares details of the case and answers questions.

How would you solve this case?

After writing your suggestions, you'll see what other Casehub members have offered and what was the live session outcome.

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